Fixtures Guidelines By our Local Plumbers

Fixtures Guidelines By our Local Plumbers

Plumbers Managed Fixtures Problem

An important part of plumbing work is installing fixtures, particularly the sink, tub, and toilet. Following is information on what is available and tips on installation. Before you install new fixtures in an existing bath, it is well to think a bit. A new bath job may range from just taking out the fixtures and installing new ones to ripping out everything to the studs and starting from scratch. If it is a very old bathroom, probably the best thing is to go down to the studs. If there is only one bath in the house, you will have to go slowly. Plan your work so that you do not inconvenience anyone. Take the fixtures out only when you are ready to get the new ones in right away. Of course, if the work is new, you need not worry about any of the above.

Removing Fixtures

There are certain things that you must do when removing fixtures. The first is to turn off the water supply. Usually, as explained earlier, there are valves for turning off the basin and toilet. Basin valves (there are two) are under the sink; the toilets valve is under the water closet. Tub valves (two) are in the cellar beneath the tub, or they may be in a panel in a wall behind the tub; in a slab house the valves may be in the utility room. If you cannot find the appropriate valves, you can turn off the main valve in the basement, turning off all water, hot and cold, in the entire house. Expert plumbers strongly recommend for the people that when you disconnect any fixture, pay careful attention to how it be connected. It will make the job of putting the new one in easier.

Removing Kitchen Sinks

To remove a kitchen sink, you will have to loosen clips that hold the sink to the countertop. The faucet has two thin supply pipes leading from it that hook up with water pipes coming out of the wall; a basin wrench is handy for removing nuts that are up close to the back of the sink. The basin also is tied into the waste line. Here, there is a slip nut (you pull it up with your fingers) that holds the drain pipe in place in the trap. When all nuts are loose, you can just lift the sink up and out of the way.

Removing Toilets

Greenbay Plumbers gives you suggestions about the removable toilet action. First, flush the bowl. Use a pot to remove all water from the bowl (or as much as you can); sponge out the rest. One type of bowl has a flush elbow, which is connected to the tank. Unscrew with a wrench and take the bowl and tank out separately. New types of toilets have the tank and bowl in one piece. In either case, toilets are connected to the floor flange with two or four bolts that must be removed before you can lift the toilet out of the way. More Information

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